How to Clean Laptop Screen at Home | Best way to clean laptop screen 2022

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How to Clean Laptop Screen at Home : Next to the keyboard, the screen of your laptop or monitor is the one that gets the most dirty with use and the passage of time. The dust itself, our fingers, or anything around us, can end up staining the screen of our equipment. If we are not cleaning it frequently, then there comes a time when we hardly see what we have in front of our eyes. Next, we are going to show you some of the best techniques or ways to clean your computer screen without fear of damaging it.

Perhaps many do not clean the screen of their computer due to laziness, while many others are afraid of using any inappropriate product that could damage it. It is important to spend time cleaning the screen when it is dirty, or with a certain frequency, to increase our visibility while we use the computer and enjoy its contents much better, as well as to prevent it from being damaged by a stain that has been there for a long time or later. more difficult to clean. And that is something that we have to take into account, first of all, what we should never do to clean the computer screen.

To take into account when cleaning

The first thing to keep in mind when we get ready to clean the screen of our computer is that both the screen and the computer are turned off and not hot to avoid any problem. If we are going to do a thorough cleaning, it is best that we start with the back, the frame and the base and leave the screen itself for the end. Always cleaning from the top to the bottom to prevent the dust from the top from falling into the clean areas if we do it in reverse order.

For the back, it is best to use a chamois cloth , unless it has some more embedded stain or dirt that we can use a moistened sponge, but yes, taking extreme care so that it cannot drip into the connectors and ports of the screen itself. To clean the connectors or ports, it is best to use an air blower to remove dust and any particles that may have been stored in them.

It goes without saying that to clean the back of the screen we must be very careful not to support the screen itself on any surface that could damage or scratch it, and of course, avoid a position where our own pressure can damage it.

With the back part clean, we move on to the frames and finally we will clean the panel . In this case, it is best to follow the advice mentioned above regarding products and types of materials to use on each occasion to avoid any damage.

Be very careful with these types of products.

On the one hand, we should never use products that can be abrasive . There are certain products or materials such as cotton or paper towels that a priori may be harmless and that, on the contrary, are quite abrasive for the computer screen. In this sense, we must avoid the use of paper or cotton cloths , since at a microscopic level they are abrasive for our screens, since the material with which they are made has nothing to do with glass, which is what we are accustomed to cleaning with this type of material.


We must also avoid the use of corrosive products , such as certain cleaning products with a high concentration of alcohol or ammonia. These types of products can damage the anti-reflective material of the screen.

Another aspect to take into account is that it is not at all recommended to spray the liquid that we are going to use to clean the screen directly on the screen itself , but rather we must do it on the cloth that we are going to use to prevent part of the liquid from leaking between the monitor frame and can reach inside.

How to Clean Dust from Laptop Computer Screen

Best way to clean laptop screen : That said, we are going to show below the best way to clean the computer screen depending on what it is stained with. What dirty our screen or monitor every day is dust , something that is in the environment and that it is inevitable that it falls on it. To clean the dust from the screen of the laptop or the monitor, it is best to use a microfiber cloth or towel, something that we can find on Amazon for just over 10 euros.

How to Clean Dust from Laptop Computer Screen

From the previous link you can access a fairly good microfiber cloth at a good price that will allow us to clean the dust from the screen without releasing lint . We can also use the cloths to clean glasses or camera lenses, since these types of cloths do not damage our screen or leave lint either. Now, to pass this type of cloth, it is best to pass it gently and always in the same direction , without rubbing or making circles. It is best to do it from the top down so that you do not end up dragging the dust or dirt again.

Clean the computer screen if it has stains

It is almost inevitable to end up staining the screen, either because we touch it with our fingers or because we splash it with something. In this case, we must use a damp sponge to get rid of that dirt. Of course, we must use distilled or deionized water , since tap water can leave limescale marks on the screen.

To clean the computer screen with a damp sponge, it is best to first turn off the computer and unplug it from the network, both the PC and the monitor. If it is a laptop, it is even advisable to remove the battery to avoid any mishap.

The sponge must be damp but very well wrung out to avoid any type of dripping and always wait until it is completely dry before closing the laptop.

If the stains are oily or sticky and we cannot remove them with water, then we will have to use one of the screen cleaning products. They usually come in a spray, so, as we mentioned before, it is recommended to spray on the microfiber cloth and not on the screen directly.

Buy Screen spray

With the cloth moistened with the cleaning product , we apply it to the stains until we try to get rid of them, avoiding rubbing or pressing on the screen so as not to damage it. We can make some circles on the stain loosely, but firmly, and then always clean in the same direction.

Clean connectors and ports

If you want to do a deeper cleaning of the screen, you can take care of cleaning beyond the usual. In this case, you can spend a few minutes cleaning up the connections and ports it has. To do this, it is best to use compressed air that will take care of removing dust and doing a thorough cleaning. This is the most appropriate way to keep them clean and working properly, as well as to prevent them from being damaged or spoiled due to lack of cleaning.

If you want to clean the contacts of the monitor, you can also use a specific lubricant for these functions or a homemade liquid. Remember, in any case, to disconnect the cable or equipment from which you clean the connectors from the electrical current. You can buy both compressed air and lubricant at Amazon at a good price so you don’t have to go anywhere, although you can also do it at a computer or specialized store. The important thing is that you use something that works and gives you good results.

What about cleaning a touch screen?

The most common, actually, is to clean the touch screen of our smartphone, for example, directly with the shirt. However, there are users who do it with alcohol, which can be a problem in a short period of time, given the composition of the cover of these hardware components.

If you have ever tried it, we cannot disagree that cleaning a touch screen with alcohol is one of the best ways to leave it pristine. But it is not good, although in a single cleaning we will not be able to perceive the wear to which we are subjecting the surface of it. For several years, most of the screens that we use in smartphones and tablets have incorporated an oleophobic coating that fulfills a very specific function: that dirt does not impregnate the surface.

Thanks to this oleophobic coating, the touch screen of a smartphone greatly reduces fingerprint stains and , ultimately, oil and grease traces . Actually, they get stained too, but this type of dirt does not stay “stuck”, but we can easily remove it, as we anticipated, with our own shirt. Now, precisely in this way of cleaning, when we remove the dirt from the touch screen, we must take special care not to damage this coating.

Alcohol, as we all know, is characterized by being an excellent solvent and, due to its chemical properties, contact with this oleophobic coating can lead to significant wear on the surface of the screen. Water, however, does not pose a danger to this coating, while it does pose a serious threat to the device’s circuitry. And it is that, although it seems contradictory, cleaning the screen with water is a better idea, although with minimal amounts and without letting it enter the interior of the terminal in any case.

In any case, the ideal is to clean a touch screen with a microfiber cloth, which does not wear out the oil-repellent surface and, furthermore, does not pose any risk to the circuitry of the device that we are cleaning.

Our own cleaning product

Most of the products that we see in stores dedicated to what does not happen today, usually have prices a little higher than we would like, in addition to the fact that depending on where we live it can be an impossible mission to get them, since in towns There will be small ones to clean televisions in general, but nothing specific to use it explicitly on a monitor or on a mobile screen.

That is why it is very convenient to consider making them yourself and thus save money or directly have something to clean the monitor. Initially, the mixture that we are going to make is to make a liquid that is part distilled water and part isopropyl alcohol .

Isopropyl alcohol is a substance that is extremely widespread among cleaning products for photography lenses or for contact cleaning of electronic devices, since it does not leave any type of stain or mark when we clean with it and it evaporates very quickly. The distilled water that we mentioned before, also as part of the juice that we are going to make, does not have any type of contaminant and is not dangerous for the screen that we are going to clean, since it does not have any abrasive or harmful component in this regard.

We must mix, to have our solution to clean the screens that we want, as we have already told you, 70% isopropyl alcohol and distilled water. We must have a completely clean container and in it, we must pour 50% of each of the two components, that is, half of isopropyl alcohol and the other half of distilled water. We must mix this solution with normal water , more or less to the taste of each user, knowing that the water lowers the mixture and that the cleaning power will be less, but we also make sure that, if we have not measured well, we can make the mixture is smoother just in case. It is a matter of trying it until we find the exact point of what we like and how effective it can be.

In this way we will have our own solution without depending on anyone, or knowing if we find it. With this solution that is ours and that we have made, we know perfectly how it has been done and, therefore, we will not suffer any type of risk. Where is the homemade…

Be careful, we can also resort to specific cleaning solutions , but always bearing in mind that they are used for this type of screen, for the use that is going to be given to it and also that they have good opinions from users to make sure that they really They work and are worth investing in.

Tips to keep your screen clean longer

It is inevitable that the screen of your computer or laptop ends up getting dirty with use, due to dust or because you have dropped something on it. However, there are steps you can take to keep it intact longer. first of all, avoid touching its surface with your fingers , unless it is tactile because you will need to do so. Even if you have clean hands from a few seconds ago, your skin always has some grease that will end up sticking to it and making it dirty. To this is added the powder that helps make this so.

Avoid placing your monitor in humid environments such as near windows, the bathroom, the kitchen, or others, since humidity helps dust to stick . If you have to use the computer because it is a laptop in these areas, store it in another when you are not using it, although we recommend that you avoid them as much as possible. If you are going to spend time without using your desktop computer, you can cover it with a sheet or something that prevents dust from staying on it.

Also, although it is not related to cleaning, you should avoid direct sunlight because it can damage it and it is also not good for your vision. Anything that can damage your monitor or computer screen should be avoided as much as possible.

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