Clean the ‘floor of the house’ in these 6 ways, then your home will shine

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If you have started cleaning the house for Diwali, how can you forget the floor of your house. After all, the eyes of the guests will also go to the floor after the walls of your house. Discolored and dirty floors will spoil the rest of your home decor. If you do not want to let the decoration of your house fall in any way on this festival, then definitely make the floor of your house shine too.

Come, know 7 ways to make the floor spotless:

1. Use Vinegar Dark colored floors such as black and red tend to get dirty more quickly than other floors. To clean them, you mix 1 cup of vinegar in 1 bucket of water. Now wipe the floor with this water. The floor of your house will shine.

2. Use Lemon Put some lemon cut in a bucket of water and squeeze it and add its juice. In this way, by mopping with lemon water, all the stains on the ground will be cleaned and the germs will also die.

3. Use Ammonia Mix 1 cup of ammonia in a bucket of water. Now clean the floor of the house with this water, the floor will shine. But remember that the smell of ammonia is very strong, so after cleaning, open the windows and doors so that the smell can come out of your house.

4. Use a Floor Mat These days, plastic mats with different designs are available to cover the floor. If you want, you can spread them all over the floor. Plastic floor mats are very easy to clean.

5. Use Ethanol Mix a teaspoon of ethanol in a bucket of water and wipe it.

6. Warm water and soap solution Cleaning by mixing soap in lukewarm water will make the floor shine.

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